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Our services include the following:

  • Silt Fence and Best Management Practices
  • Site Restoration
  • Terra Seeding
  • Hydroseeding

Best Management Practices

Supreme Industries is committed to preserving the natural environments that surround our projects, and we take appropriate protective measures during road building, land clearing, and site development. Contact us to learn more.

Supreme Services:

  • Silt fence installation – an effective barrier to sediment runoff, installed per specification
  • Best Management Practices – the experience and capabilities to self-perform the installation, maintenance and removal of any required BMPs including, but not limited to: Silt Fence, Super Silt Fence, Straw Wattles, Staked Straw/Hay Bales, Erosion Blanket, Conveyor Belt Diversions, Water Bars, and Compost Diversion sock

Supreme Capabilities:

  • Expertise on proper placement, quantity, installation, compaction, posting, and attachment
  • Installation of BMPs for perimeter and sediment control, inlet and channel protection, slope stabilization, storm water filtration, and green retaining wall construction
  • Effectively prevent runoff from contaminating nearby water sources
  • Experienced with permanent and temporary pipe or box culvert installation and removals

Environmental Matting

Supreme Industries is committed to protecting the environments in which we work. That’s why we maintain a large inventory of environmental matting used to build protective roadways and construction pads through sensitive ecosystems, such as wetlands, animal habitats, and agricultural areas.

Supreme Capabilities:

  • Large supply of environmental timber matting at our own storage facility
  • Extensive network of both owned and leased specialized trucks to transport environmental matting quickly and efficiently
  • Fleet of specialized equipment and trained staff for any type of onsite environmental matting needed
  • Large resume of timber matting, composite matting, agricultural matting, and bridging projects
  • Commitment to protecting natural ecosystems with cost-effective practices
  • Experience with environmental matting in National Parks

Contact us to learn more about our environmental matting and how it can make your next project more efficient and environmentally sound.

Wetland Restoration

When a project requires work that disrupts a natural wetland environment, Supreme Industries is equipped to perform wetland remediation, replication, or enhancement as part of our restoration services.

Projects that traverse through extensive wetland areas often need to be enhanced, remediated, or replicated to ensure the vegetation and the ecosystem were not compromised or reduced during construction. Supreme has the in-house experience to create, enhance, or replicate an artificial wetland of the same size, or larger, adjacent to the area affected. This restores the natural ecosystem, and over time the wetland area will become, or return to, a natural wetland.

Site Restoration

If you have a large site or right-of-way that needs to be restored to the conditions of its original ecosystem, Supreme Industries has the capabilities to perform complete site restoration. Contact us to learn more.

Supreme Services:

  • Terraseeding for ground cover – combines our rich triple-ground composted soil with seed delivered through blowers
  • Hydroseeding for ground cover – a liquid fertilizer/seed mixture sprayed onto prepared soil
  • Permanent seeding and mulching – uses mechanized straw/hayblowers along with a crew of experienced employees to broadcast seed, fertilizer, and lime to stabilize a right-of-way project
  • Topsoil and compost installation – supply and install a new coat of topsoil to the right-of-way to ensure proper re-vegetation
  • Compost Amendment BMPs – ensures soils contain the proper number of organics before we leave the site, abiding by all local, state, and federal environmental restrictions