Company History

Supreme Forest Products is part of a 30-year-old company with over 100 employees. We began in land clearing, chipping, and grinding and maintain this as a core element of our business. Today, our multiple divisions offer total product coverage for our clients.

Our Land Clearing Division, with its licensed foresters and practitioners, consults with land owners wishing to manage their timber and brings to bear a state-of-the-art, highly mechanized operation. Projects range from small residential harvests to large-scale utility ROW clearing projects.

The Wood Waste Reduction and Recycling Division processes some 200,000cy of wood waste annually, receiving trees, brush, stumps, and leaves from residents, private contractors, and townships throughout Connecticut. This Division also provides containers for wood waste pickup.

Supreme Forest Products manufactures thousands of cubic yards of natural and dyed mulch products per year and is the manufacturer of PlaySafe Playground Safety Fiber™. It delivers to wholesale and retail customers throughout New England with its fleet of 75 trucks and trailers.

The E.R. Hinman and Sons Lumber Division is a fifth-generation sawmill providing the highest quality native lumber and custom sawing services for retail and wholesale customers. Hinman’s sawyers, graders, lumbermen, and licensed foresters work with clients every step of the way, from a tree in the forest to finished dimensional lumber and everything in between.


Kevin J. Boucher founded Supreme Forest Products in 1982 as a land clearing enterprise and has since grown his company into a diversified development group comprising Supreme Industries, Supreme Forest Products, and E.R. Hinman & Sons.

Mr. Boucher owns several other development and building companies in Connecticut and has overseen the building of Foxhunt and Equestrian Estates and Country View Properties, both residential developments, as well as Clockmakers Hill Condominiums.

Mr. Boucher is an active member of the community, volunteering his time and resources to several causes. He is a devoted supporter of the Special Olympics and local youth sports.